Software Download

This page allows you to download software version 4.5 for the following Magnilink products:

  • Magnilink Reader
  • Magnilink Student
  • Magnilink Student Classic
  • Magnilink Student Addition
If you have one of the above systems with a software version earlier than 4.5, then you can download version 4.5 now.

If you already have version 4.5 or later then you do not need to download this version.

You can download the new software now by pressing the link below.

Start Download

The latest version of our Magnilink S software is now available to download - Magnilink S Version 6. If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 please use this version.

Start Download (v6)

You should save this file to a convenient location then run it when the download is complete.

If have any questions about this software download then you contact us by email, letter, phone or fax.

Email: Professional Vision Services

Wellbury House
90 Walsworth Road
Tel: 01462 420751
Fax: 01462 420185