Candy HD II

The CANDY HD II has been designed to provide a truly ...

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Zoomax Snow 4.3 inch handheld video magnifier is given advanced image ...

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Zoomax M5 HD

First 2HD Design Handheld Video Magnifier. Miracle at Your Fingertips! ...

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Snow 7 HD

Inheriting all the advantages of electronic magnifier Snow family, ...

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Snow 7 HD Plus

Snow 7 HD Plus is the first 7" handheld video magnifier ...

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The Looky is lightweight and portable, you can carry it in your bag ...

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Looky HD

Handheld 5 inch HD touch screen magnifier, with foldable handle ...

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Snow 10 Pro (with optional OCR)

Zoomax Snow 10 pro is the perfect blend of portability, affordability, and...

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Oxsight Onyx

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on the go

Easy to pick up and use immediately, OXSIGHT Onyx has a range of intelligent features that enhance your vision in an instant. From face recognition and tracking, text detection, automatic night mode and even a TV mode, you can see better in every moment.

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