MagniLink Vision

MagniLink Vision has been designed for you, to experience on ...

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MagniLink Vision has been designed for you, to experience on your own terms - to encounter a new world of video magnifiers. With the user in mind LVI Low Vision International have created a modular system which allows the user to choose the key features according to their own preferences. In Design. With soft edges and a combination of light and dark grey colours, MagniLink Vision can, at first sight, blend in or stand out. In Quality. MagniLink Vision offers better resolution, brighter colours and image sharpness that is one step ahead. Our cameras with High Resolution and High Definition are beyond any standard solutions, but they are the standard for MagniLink Vision. For Users. Adjust the height, select the colour and magnification level and enjoy the smooth reading table. For an ideal reading position, the reading table has a rounded front edge that is comfortable to rest your hands on. To step ahead even further regarding ergonomics, MagniLink Vision has a low weight.It is time to choose your model! Choose your model MagniLink Vision is a modular system with the same structure, reading table and electronics. Then follow these instructions to choose your model! 1 - Choose your camera Camera High Resolution (HR) Camera High Definition (HD) 2 - Choose your screen size     18.5"     23" 3 - Choose your control panel     3-push Panel     2-knob Panel     5-push Panel Main Features     All models are height adjustable for an ideal reading position.     A paperstop located in the centre of the smooth reading table helps you navigate and allows a working position where the arms are held close to your body.     All lightweight aluminium and plastic items are recyclable.     Each product is individually tested for optimized picture quality.     Masters all lighting conditions and the user can choose between different lighting modes. Accessories DVI switch With a DVI switch a computer can be connected to MagniLink Vision, and the computer image will then be shown in MagniLink Vision. This is only available in models using the 5 Push Panel. PC software Makes it possible to show the image from MagniLink Vision on the computer, the image from the computer in MagniLink Vision or split the screen. This is only available in models using the 5 Push Panel.
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MagniLink Zip

The foldable MagniLink Zip has over the years become a great ...

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MagniLink Zip mini – better than everything The foldable MagniLink Zip has over the years become a great success. Well known for its image quality and user friendly operation. The new generation inherits all these qualities. But they are all improved. And we added a few more. Outstanding image quality As famous as the previous MagniLink Zip was for it’s image quality – it doesn’t stand a chance compared with the new one! We combined all of our knowledge and image improving techiques with a Full HD-camera and the result is the best image quality you’ve ever seen in a video magnifier. Design The design has been modernized and it now follows the award winning* LVI design line, introduced with MagniLink Vision. The low vision adaption is improved and the new control panel makes it even easier to use than before. True CCTV This is a compact, light and easy-to-carry portable video magnifier. But it still offer the same functionality as every true CCTV, like a stable reading table with X/Y friction brakes, guiding lines, low vision adapted monitor – and a great image quality! Built in distance camera A reading camera, adjustable both vertically and horizontally is included. Light and easy The new model is easier to fold and unfold – and significantly smaller when folded (-52% height for the 13” version!), even the 17” version!
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MagniLink S Premium 2

The new MagniLink S is everything and more you have ...

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MagniLink S - Built for you! The new MagniLink S is everything and more you have come to expect from the leading reading and distance camera on the market today! Easily carried between home, school or work, and is deployed in seconds. The MagniLink S comes with the latest technology for superior image quality and is easy and fast to connect to a computer – or directly to a monitor. Plus it can even read text aloud. Smart traveler The MagniLink S packs up and goes where you need to be. Powered by the computer’s USB 3.0, it sets up instantly with no additional battery to charge. Monitor models are connected through HDMI and include an AC power adapter. MagniLink S comes with a clever two-in-one carrying case with space for a laptop and accessories. Superior picture quality The camera has superior picture quality with unbeatable sharpness, light sensitivity and viewing angle. The MagniLink S offers 60 digital full frames/second for an image that is extraordinarily clear also in motion. Award winning design MagniLink S has been awarded the prestigious reddot award 2013. Once again LVI Low Vision International earned the coveted prize for an innovative design and outstanding product solution with the new MagniLink S. Features Excellent image quality There’s no ghosting with 60 fps (full digital frames/second). High brightness and contrast (high quality light sensitive lens). HDMI connection and HD/SD progressive high resolution for flicker-free image and sharp edges. The result is an unmatched, superior image. The latest technology Super-speed USB 3.0 connection - ten times faster and backwards compatible with USB 2.0. HDMI connection to monitor - for fast and stable connection. Lightweight and portable MagniLink S is always accessible; sets-up and is ready to use in virtually seconds. Place the system to the left or the right side of the laptop - the excellent design makes it flexible and shock resistant. High Quality material Construction with casted metal and advanced plastic materials throughout, combined with high quality technology, including the camera lens. All parts designed for durability and recyclability in mind. Powered by the computer The user will never worry about battery strength or misplaced battery chargers.
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MagniLink Voice II

The MAGNILINK VOICE attracts attention and acclaim with its ...

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The MAGNILINK VOICE attracts attention and acclaim with its focus on simplicity, high performance and contemporary design.Allow us to introduce MagniLink Voice – the user-friendly reading machine that exceeds expectations.  It couldn’t be easier to use MagniLink Voice is extremely easy to use. Put the text in place and press the large orange control button – and you’re done. A few seconds later, the text will be read aloud. It’s fast MagniLink Voice is a reading machine with the same cutting-edge performance you’ve come to expect from every LVI product. Turn it on and scan – you’ve never done it faster! It’s stylish The contemporary design with soft natural fabrics will fit into any context. It’s designed to be decorative – in the kitchen, home office or living room. The high quality material and finish indicate a premium approach and the unit is as stable as it is durable. Customized to the user MagniLink Voice is adaptable to the individual user, by adjusting reading speed,volume, audio profiles, voices, light and more. Even the menu itself is configurable.Selectable audio profiles deliver superior speech vocalization for listening enjoyment. High quality, localized male and female English voices are included. SAPI5 is supported, which allows use of additional voices from third party suppliers, such as Acapela/infovox4.And more ...     Reads misaligned documents     Voice feedback for all functions     Automatic language detection     Extremely good depth of field – optimized for browsing large books under the camera

Magnilink Tab

MagniLink TAB is a complete and mobile tablet solution with high performance ...

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Where Art and Technology Collide You might remember the Dell computer commercials in which a youth reports this exciting news to his friends.That they are about to get their new computer.Magnilink TAB MagniLink TAB is a complete and mobile tablet solution with high performance and user-friendly operation, and its space savingdesign  makes it ideal for use in different locations – perfect for people on the go! Complete in every way Use the internal camera for reading or the high quality external camera for both distance and close-up viewing.MagniLink TAB has a touch screen with low vision adapted buttons. You can also control the unit by gestures or connect a Bluetooth keyboard and control it by hotkeys.The high performance software also includes OCR and Text to Speech. Several different viewing modes are available for increased reading speed, reading endurance and a more relaxed reading.  Connect and communicate MagniLink TAB is easily connected to your network with WiFi and you can use different accessories connected with Bluetooth. Internet and other standard applications are only a click away – with MagniLink TAB you can easily communicate with the rest of the world! Mobility in focus MagniLink TAB is foldable and light weight with easy and quick startup – you can start working almost immediately. This makes the unit ideal for use in school environment or whenever you need to be mobile. MagniLink TAB – the low vision adapted solution for every need!

MagniLink Vision Split

MagniLink Vision Split offers a reading camera (HD or HR) ...

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MagniLink Vision Text to Speech

LVI has developed a MagniLink Vision model with Text to Speech ...

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Prices On Request OnlyMagniLink Vision Text to Speech - the CCTV that learned how to speak! LVI has developed a MagniLink Vision model with Text to Speech functionality (MLV-13). This means that you will get the advantages of two worlds in the same product! Use the CCTV mode for writing or reading and when you encounter a longer text, just press the remote control to get it read out load. It can be restful to lean back and experience that reading endurance is maximized. The speech and magnified text are also synchronized and easy to follow. The best of two worlds in the same device MagniLink Vision Text to Speech is a complete solution. It combines an excellent CCTV - with superior standards for picture quality, design, reading table and more; with speech output. This is the perfect combination for increased reading speed and could also be a good solution for persons with a degenerative vision forecast. Easy operation MagniLink Vision Text to Speech is designed for intuitive operation. Just press the remote control to toggle between the CCTV and speech mode. Use the tactile buttons to adjust volume, speed, display modes etc (see the picture below). If the paper is misplaced (up to +/-20°) the orientation will automatically be corrected. Text can also be read upside down and you will receive a warning if the paper for example is placed with face down. Highly adjustable with many possibilities Preferences for contrast enhancement, colors, fonts and more can be adjusted for each user and additional languages can be added at any time. Text can be saved to or opened from the included USB-stick. You can also connect earphones to MagniLink Vision Text to Speech.

Magnilink Pro

MagniLink PRO is intended for visually impaired professionals at work ...

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