Magnilink Pro

Magnilink Pro

For all professionals

MagniLink PRO is intended for visually impaired professionals at work. It is a very complete system right from start and it will cover the needs for most users in most situations.

MagniLink PRO features:

  •     Superior FHD 1080p reading/distance/mirror camera
  •     Ergonomic Control box with programmable buttons
  •     Software for PC/Mac - including software Split functionality
  •     Portability - it’s easy to fold and unfold and comes with a carrying bag

Adapt it individually with the following options:

  1. Dockable X/Y-table with friction brakes X/Y
  2. Pre-installed battery for increased flexibility
  3. TTS Software Win - scan a full A4 page in just a few seconds
  4. TTS Software Mac - scan a full A4 page in just a few seconds

Everything fits

MagniLink PRO leads the market with regard to working height – meaning that just about everything (including large books and file folders) will fit below the camera.

Everything connects

MagniLink PRO can be connected to most PCs and Mac computers – or directly to a monitor or smartboard. Total freedom!

Everything shows

High-quality camera with FHD 1080p in reading/distance/mirror mode deals with everything you need. The FHD resolution, combined with a powerful 20x optical zoom and a number of LVI image enhancement techniques, makes sure that you will always get a crystal clear, sharp and detailed image with natural and rich colours at all magnification levels.

Use everywhere

MagniLink PRO is portable. It’s easy to fold down and unfold and your desk can be quickly cleared when you leave the office. It also comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation, e.g. from work to home. Add a battery for even more flexibility – and you can use it for up to 9 hours wherever you want.

Saves everything

Capture pictures with the reading camera – or record lectures with the distance camera and watch them again.

OSD - On Screen Display

Selected functions are confirmed with clear information on the screen – you can always be assured that the correct function is selected. Choose between several languages in the OSD menu.

Use your own software

The included MagniLink S software is compatible with several other commonly used software, such as ZoomText, SuperNova and iZoom in Windows 7/8/10.

Add your own functions

The included control box controls all functions and allows an ergonomic position. Two buttons are programmable and can be set to your most frequently used functions and settings.

Powerful accessories

Personalize MagniLink PRO with a convenient XY table, TTS (Text to Speech) and/or battery for maximized freedom.


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