Papenmeier Live 20

Papenmeier Live 20

Papenmeier BRAILLEX Live 20

As natural as my smartphone

The youngest member of the BRAILLEX family is considerably smaller than its bigger ‘brothers‘. Its design and funcionalities are touchably convincing.

Use different apps, write/read short messages or operate current PC programs. Slip your companion BRAILLEX Live 20 in the pocket of your jacket.

Wireless liberty

Suitable for users who are often on the move, having their hands full of different things and used to working with great flexibility. By means of the integrated Bluetooth module, you are able to establish an easy connection to your smartphone, tablet or tablet-PC. The integrated battery which can be charged inside the device provides you with electricity throughout the whole working day.

Use your smartphone and JAWS simultaneously

With only a single keystroke on your BRAILLEX Live 20, you switch between the operation of your smartphone and the one of your tablet-PC or your notebook. BRAILLEX Live 20 is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and to your mobile PC via USB at the same time. In this way, it is possible for you to control both devices at any time.

Safe Braille writing

Thanks to the high-quality Braille keyboard of your BRAILLEX Live 20, you are able to write fast and flawlessly.

Ergonomic Braille reading

Reduce your wrist strains while reading, for the device is no higher than 18 mm. Therefore, a relaxed reading position is guaranteed.

Comfortable one-hand-operation

The patented Easy Access Bar ensures an intuitive, fast and safe operation. It is a long single lever (like a space bar) situated on the front side of the device, all along the Braille display, which can be moved in four directions.
Thus, you navigate back and forth, up and down on the Braille display safely and easily from every place in a document without ever taking your fingers off the reading position.

Safe and fast Braille reading

Profit from the high quality of the twenty Papenmeier Braille cells during your daily work and read documents precisely and quickly.

Cell caps

Make your choice whether your Braille display should come with concave or flat cell caps. For Braille learners, we recommend the concave cells formed to follow the curve of your fingertips.

Go and find out for yourself!


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