Index Basic-D V4 Embosser

Index Basic-D V4 Embosser

Basic-D V4 - best-selling braille printer worldwide

Basic-D is a success story. The most sold braille embosser in the world is easy to use and easy to like, using fan-folded paper to produce double sided braille.

  • 100 characters/second - fastest embosser in its price range!
  • High quality interpoint Braille
  • Braille labelled and speech guided, multilingual user interface
  • Horizontal and vertical printing
  • Tractor-fed paper - the most reliable paper feeding method

This is Basic-D V4

Basic-D V4 is a small, powerful, portable Braille printer. Its extraordinary performances and competitive price has made Basic-D the most sought after Braille printer in the world. It uses fan-folded paper which is the most commonly used paper style for Braille embossers. Basic-D is stable and capable of continuous embossment.

Double-sided high quality Braille

Interpoint Braille - Braille printed on both sides of the paper - is an Index Braille trademark. Basic-D V4 produces double-sided Braille in which achieves all Braille reading demands, in addition to international standards. The dots are easy to read and do not wear with age. The reliable dot forming technology, compatible in the Basic-D, is healthier for the environment as well as your economics.

Easy user interface

Throw away the manual. Basic D-V4 can guide you through the embossing process with voice activation technology. The perfectly logical user interface is offered with speech guidance, print and Braille; giving the blind and sighted alike, the same advantages. By choice, your preferred spoken language is available found on the front panel of the embosser. A number of additional languages are available online, free of charge, on Index's home page for downloading.

Meaningful features

Basic-D V4 is complete with useful features. It prints single and double-sided Braille, both horizontally and vertically, producing sharp tactile graphics. It has all the ports necessary, including a service port and drivers compatible with Windows and Mac. Basic-D V4 has an embedded web interface, making it possible to maneuver the embosser via the internet.

Technical Specifications


Embossing Speed CPS 100 cps
Vertical printing (newspaper)  
Braille font 2.2, 2.5, 3.2 mm
Tactile resolution 17 dpi
Forming method 13 hammers/anvils


Single sheet feeder  
Paper roll  
Sheet feeder size  
Paper weight 120-180
Paper width 130-330 mm
Paper length 1-17 inch


Height 1.8 inch
Width 5.6 inch
Depth 2.5 inch
Net volume 25.2
Net weight 7.6 kg
Noise level 80 dB(A)
Noise level with acoustic protection 60 dB(A)


User interface Braille and ink labelled panel with multilingual speech feedback
Serial port  
Firmware upgrade Via internet always free of charge
LED feedback 3 LED on front panel and 4 on back side
Printer drivers Windows 32/64


Voltage 100-240 V AC
Power max 140 W
Power stand by 5 W
Eco power down 0.05 W


Company Info

Professional Vision Services Ltd
Wellbury House
90 Walsworth Road

01462 420751