MagniLink iMax

MagniLink iMax

Together with video magnifiers from LVI, MagniLink iMax gives the Mac user a complete and unique low vision aid solution! Several advantageous functions makes your Mac usage and reading easier.

Use your Mac to the max!

MagniLink iMax provides magnification, contour enhancement and pointer settings as well as screen reading with high-quality speech output. The Contrast Enhancement Mode gives a clear picture with smooth character edges regardless of the magnification.

Which is your mode?

Different types of vision impairments requires different solutions. MagniLink iMax contains a variety of solutions made to meet the users own preferenses. With features like split screen, dual screen support, full screen mode, multiple highcontrast modes, a circular and a squared lens-zoom MagniLink iMax gives you the ability to set the screen mode based on your own preferences.

Document reader and the possibility to save texts as mp3-files!

Together with MagniLink iMax, your Mac also works as a document reader through the unique GhostReader function. This gives you the possibility to get text read out loud and be magnified in a seperate window via the function Speak Selection. You can then save texts as Mp3-files to be played in iTunes, be uploaded to your iPod, iPad or burned onto a CD!

Try MagniLink iMax today!

A 30-day free trial version is available for download on the support pages

Click here to download the user guide

Features & Benefits

  • The circular and square lens zoom gives the user the opportunity to zoom in for example a website link at the same time as they still can see the background. Therefore the context of the zoomed text is kept in focus.
  • MagniLink iMax always gives the user full access to all functions on the screen, for example the menu.
  • MagniLink iMax comes with high quality
  • Text To Speech voices from Infovox iVox.


Further Possibilities

  • With the unique function GhostReader your Mac also works as a documentnreader and gives easy access to text documents of all common file types.
  • The Automatic Language Identification in the Screen Reader Mode can localize the text language in documents or on websites and switches the speech output to that language.
  • Save texts as Mp3-files to be played in iTunes, be uploaded to an iPod, iPad or burned onto a CD!


Company Info

Professional Vision Services Ltd
Wellbury House
90 Walsworth Road

01462 420751