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Magnilink S
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Magnilink S Magnilink S Magnilink S

Magnilink S

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MagniLink S - Built for you!

The new MagniLink S is everything and more you have come to expect from the leading reading and distance camera on the market today! Easily carried between home, school or work, and is deployed in seconds. The MagniLink S comes with the latest technology for superior image quality and is easy and fast to connect to a computer – or directly to a monitor. Plus it can even read text aloud.

MagniLink S

Smart traveler

The MagniLink S packs up and goes where you need to be. Powered by the computer’s USB 3.0, it sets up instantly with no additional battery to charge. Monitor models are connected through HDMI and include an AC power adapter. MagniLink S comes with a clever two-in-one carrying case with space for a laptop and accessories.

Superior picture quality

The camera has superior picture quality with unbeatable sharpness, light sensitivity and viewing angle. The MagniLink S offers 60 digital full frames/second for an image that is extraordinarily clear also in motion.

RedDot Design Award Logo


Award winning design

MagniLink S has been awarded the prestigious reddot award 2013. Once again LVI Low Vision International earned the coveted prize for an innovative design and outstanding product solution with the new MagniLink S. 

MagniLink S TTS

Always efficient reading!


MagniLink S TTS offers all your favorite features including Text-To-Speech. It comes with an HD camera, USB 3.0 and HDMI connectors, as well as built in control panel and OCR functionality for TTS. 

Text can be read aloud increase reading speed and endurance. MagniLink S TTS reads any printed text by sentence, word or paragraph. The OCR scanned text can be saved and opened in a text editor for proofing and rewrites.

MagniLink S TTS used with headphones at office

MagniLink S TTS makes reading more efficient - use with headphones or in
silent mode when you do not want to disturb your environment.


  MagniLink S TTS
  MagniLink S TTS

Reads text aloud. The model without limitations.