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Candy HD
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Candy HD Candy HD Candy HD Candy HD

Candy HD




Out of Stock

The New Candy 5 HD

The CANDY 5 HD has been designed to provide a truly crystal clear HD image and the most intuitive user interface with easy-to-use handle and clearly distinctive buttons

Wide-Screen for more Comprehensive Viewing

Provides 4x greater field of view than similar optical magnifiers

Customized Color mode and Brightness Control supports

5 Color viewing modes and 3 levels of brightness controls

Auto Focus and Continuous Zoom magnification

Always in focus, choose a comfortable magnification level from
2.0x to 20x

Semi Distance View

 See and capture a street map or shop sign, evaluate your
surroundings on the spot

Built-in Clock

Low vision users can easily check the time with this large, highly
visible clock

Convenient Cradle

The stand provides hands free comfort and convenience while in
the reading environment

Unique & Ergonomic Handle design

Unique and ergonomic handle design offers 3-positions for comfortable
handheld use: right & left-handed, center-balanced position

Keep your Style with Mirror View

keep your sense of style with mirror view
Use the unique HD mirror view for your make-up or facial grooming